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If you like our SpeedyJig products, check out some of our other brands!


The selection of QuadHands we have developed is mind boggling, and even more amazing is the extreme functionality of this unique tool. Choose whichever one works best for your needs, in fact, choose a couple if you are really undecided. We have a wide variety of options no matter what you are working on, electronics, jewelry, assembly, and soldering, are all a breeze with QuadHands. No matter what you are looking to accomplish we have a solution. From adding an extra bit of control to your PanaVise to finding a portable solution to repairs in the field, QuadHands does it all.


Koova products were created to solve the problem of organization in people’s lives. We know how hard it can be to find the time to get organized, let alone the products you need to accomplish this task. Koova products are innovative and easy to use. If you’re passionate about the things you own all having a place of their own, our products are for you.


We love our brackets, because they’re anything but boring! Inspired by local geography and architecture, our brackets are the perfect statement piece to finish off any new shelf! The clean, artistic design is not only functional but also very attractive. Most brackets are designed to be subtle, taking up little space and not drawing too much attention, but we've decided to embrace a super strong steel bracket and create a piece that you'll want to look at every time you walk into the room! Whether it’s holding up a mailbox, decorating your fireplace mantle, or supporting a new shelf, choose Starby!