About Us

We are Alphidia and our purpose is to design and build better versions of things folks are looking for.

The SpeedyJig™ line of products are designed to provided years of pleasure in crafting paracord bracelets and other rope weaving projects. 

We designed it to be a better alternative to the other jigs on the market. Ours are made of steel, not wood. The design features a wide base to keep it from tipping over. And with our unique quick change design, you can use any size or style buckle you want. Even key rings, shackles, and carabiners slip on without any tools.

While the other companies race to the bottom in terms of quality in order to bring ever cheaper products to the market, we have chosen a different path. To design and build products that not only do what they are supposed to do but are designed and built to last. Perhaps not everyone will appreciate our philosophy, but someone will and that's who we build our products for.

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