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SpeedyJig PLUS!

New for 2019!
  • Two Paracord Jigs in One! Now you can craft amazing paracord bracelets and monkey fists on the same jig.
  • The SpeedyJig PLUS paracord bracelet loom and monkey fist jig includes paracord and everything else you need to make both paracord bracelets and monkey fists. Nothing else to buy to get started.
  • Made in the USA from heavy 12 gauge Steel. We designed and manufacture the SpeedyJig PLUS in Charleston SC. Made from heavy duty 12 gauge powder coated steel with rubber feet to stay put while you are crafting.
  • Full size jig. Make paracord bracelets from 4” to 13”. Make monkey fists up to 2.5” in diameter. Perfect for the paracord crafting enthusiast.
  • Made to last. Lifetime Warranty. Includes full color instructions for making bracelets and links to videos showing you how to make perfect paracord bracelets and monkey fists. Click add to cart and order yours today.

Now You Can Make Paracord Bracelets AND Monkey Fists on One Jig!

Introducing the SpeedyJig PLUS! It’s our best combination of the popular SpeedyJig paracord bracelet loom and full size monkey fist jig into one easy to use design.

Made from heavy 12 gauge powder coated steel, right here in the USA. The SpeedyJig PLUS is designed and built to bring you a lifetime of pleasure crafting your own paracord bracelets and other paracord projects.

Easily adjusts to any size you want without tools. High quality hardware and a well thought out design. Now you can easily make monkey fists up to 2 1/2 inches in diameter (huge) and beutiful paracord bracelets over 12" long. 

Complete kit ready to use right out of the box -

  • The SpeedyJig PLUS all metal loom
  • Multiple Hanks of paracord for making bracelets and monkey fists
  • 3/8" Buckles for Bracelets
  • BONUS stainless steel lacing needle! (A must have for making Monkey Fists)
  • Everything you need to immediately start crafting paracord bracelets and monkey fists

Click add to cart and order your own SpeedyJig PLUS! today.